Today, more than ever, it is important for students not only to be equipped with academic qualifications, but also in life & transferable skills to have a better understanding of the world we now live in.

The Enrichment Programme offers a range of activities designed to broaden horizons and to equip our students with the confidence to face the future.

All activities and lessons within the programme are designed to encourage students to learn to think about skills and be able to apply them in a variety of contexts; be it planning and cooking a healthy meal; making their own financial plans or simply being open to other cultures and communities.

Here are some examples of the workshops:


  • Cooking and Healthy Eating workshops
  • Financial Skills and Planning
  • Interview Skills Training
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Guest speakers; Entrepreneurs, Charities, Artists, Careers Panels etc
  • Team Building
  • Planning
  • Yoga, meditation
  • Critical Thinking Skills 
  • Study Skills
  • Research Skills

This programme of activities ensures that all the students have a basic knowledge of how to cope after leaving home for the first time. Not all activities appeal to everyone but a willingness to take part in every session is part of the criteria for being offered a place at Palma College; we want our students to grow into open minded and informed adults.