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Date 9th June 2016

Palma College for Sixth Form Studies, the only dedicated A Level College on Mallorca, is delighted to announce the expansion into additional premises in Carrer de L’Estudi General to complement the original college facilities in Carrer Can Veri.

Within a few minutes walking distance, and set adjacent to Palma Cathedral, the new teaching spaces will accommodate the growing number of students who take the A Level route from a choice of fourteen subjects. With a number of A Level courses already full for September 2016 this expansion will allow the College to continue to grow and provide outstanding education and support for the 16 – 18 year old students.

The expansion of the Art Department into additional space in Can Veri will allow the increase in numbers for this popular A Level.   Additionally a Summer Art school is running in July for GCSE or equivalent students who wish to work on their skills before A Level.

The success of the College can be seen in the pathways the former students follow; last year’s leavers all accepted places at their first choice of university throughout Europe, or went straight into paid GAP year employment.  This year’s leavers are all on track to follow their chosen route after spending some considerable time with the staff from the College looking at the best options.

The unique Enrichment Programme which underpins skills for life is an integral part of the student experience and we value the participation of many members of the community from Mallorca who give time to work or talk with the young people.  Assisting students to bridge the gap between school and university or work is part of the mission of the College and we are delighted to have secured beautiful additional space in which to carry out many of our lectures and activities.

Full A Level in One Year

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We are delighted to be able to offer a limited number of A Level subjects that can be taken in one year (instead of two).  This is for students that are motived to work hard and stay focused on these intensive courses and only wish to study one or maximum two full A Level in one year.

Subjects available:One year PA

  • Art & Design
  • French
  • German
  • Performing Arts
  • Spanish

Fees – one full A level € 8,000 or two full A Levels € 12,500, including textbooks and examination fees, plus € 150 registration fee.


Performing Arts Sponsored Place

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Sponsored Place

Palma College is delighted to be offering, for the third year running, a free sponsored place for the Performing Arts A Level course worth over € 8,000.


Anyone interested in acting, singing, dancing or music and who will be between sixteen and nineteen in September can apply.

Selection will be based on an audition and interview.

Please email for more details.





PA StudenrsOur two students who won a sponsored place on the Performing Arts A Level course were in 2013 Olivia and in 2014 Alain.

Alain has studied the whole course in just one year while studying his final year of A Levels at another school. This is what he has to say about his experience:
“Palma College has not only offered me a sponsored place to be part of their school, they have offered me a part of their family because that is what I have learnt there. I have never felt so welcomed and helped at a school and it is an honor to say I studied at Palma College. They have helped me every time I’ve asked for help and will go through anything to ensure their students success! The Performing Arts course is fantastic! My teacher Currusca Collado is just a dream to have as a teacher and a guide through this year. She makes every class fun and unique and has taught me what hard work is and how good it feels to want to improve. Because of the tools Palma College is providing me this year I feel ready to take the next step and go to university in England to study a Joint Honors course in Business/Drama either in Loughborough University or Bath Spa University.”



Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Olivia is just coming to the end of her two years at Palma College. She won the first sponsored place for Performing Arts and decided to move from her Spanish school to the college full-time. This is what she has to say about her experience:
“Hello my name is Olivia May Green I am eighteen years old and I am currently studying my final year at Palma College. In 2013, I was given a Scholarship for Performing Arts at Palma College and, thanks to this amazing opportunity, I now find myself able to further my career in Vocals and Musical Theatre as I have been accepted to study at BIMM Brighton in October 2015, something I believed would be impossible for me to do two years ago. Switching from the Spanish system to the English has been lifechanging, I never imagined that I could study the subject that I had always been passionate about. I am so glad that I applied for the Scholarship as it has changed my life for the better, made me a lot more confident and has made me grow as a person. All of the teachers at Palma College are really great as they always give you their time and help you whenever you have any doubts. Our Performing Arts teacher is truly inspirational as she makes us work hard and helps us to believe in ourselves. Palma College is a unique, fun and friendly environment to study in. I am really grateful to have been given this life-changing opportunity! “

Results Day

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Results Day 15th August


Today all over the UK and in many other countries young people will receive the results of their A2 and AS examinations if they are being educated under the British system.  The A2 results are the benchmark through which universities and colleges offer spaces on their Higher Education courses and I expect that there will be many happy youngsters today who can now move on to the step of confirming offers and making arrangements for accommodation in university halls of residence.

But what about those who just missed their offers by a grade or two?  Well, the first thing to do is ring the admissions department of the university and see if they will still consider you.  If you have missed your offer by a whisker they may well still accept you on your first choice of course or offer an alternative.  Your second option is to look at the UCAS clearing process.  This offers students the chance to make an application for a course which still has spaces left and which may match your grades.   If you are adaptable and willing to move from your first choice of uni you may well be able to begin this September.


For those who just didn’t achieve their predicted grades there are always options; if you really have your heart set on a university degree then consider re-sitting your A levels which you can do in one year and re applying through UCAS again. This, of course entails extra fees if you are at a private school abroad.  You could also consider taking some time out of education and gaining work experience or joining an organised GAP year project.  This will build your confidence and give you additional experiences to add to any future application.  It is disheartening for both students and parents when results are lower than anticipated but not the end of the world.  There are always ways forward, including some of the private universities in Europe.  Try to stay positive and get on the phone making enquiries about courses.


This week the results of the IGCSE exams also come out.  Think carefully about if your grades are really good enough to take a subject on to A Level.  If you have a grade lower than a C pass then it is clear that the subject is not for you.  There is a steep jump between GCSE and A Level so be prepared to consider alternatives.  If you are one of the lucky few who really know what their next steps may be in terms of a profession then make sure that you research entrance requirements to the Degree course NOW.  Taking the wrong subjects is fatal and an easy mistake to make.  If you are still undecided try to follow subjects which have elements of both literacy and numeracy to them as the skills in these areas will be of benefit to any future application.


If you require more advice about next steps, or would like a careers interview, please email for an appointment.

Sponsored free place on Performing Arts A Level course

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Sponsored free place on ‘Performing Arts A level’

A sponsored place on the A Level course for Performing Arts.  This place will be awarded to a young person over the age of 16 and who will study at the College two afternoons per week over two academic years to learn about all aspects of the industry.

The place will be awarded to the candidate who shows most promise in an audition to be held in August at Palma College.


More Information: Flyer PA 7.13