Palma College was established in 2012 and opened in 2013 to meet the increasing demands of an international community seeking a dedicated sixth form provision on Mallorca.

The founders of Palma College recognize the need to provide a unique platform for young people which offers academic and life skills, and is a stepping stone from school life onto Higher Education and beyond.   Due to the changing face of the job market young people no longer have the option of a career for life and must be prepared to adapt and be flexible with skills and qualifications.

What makes Palma College different is that it is more than just another school.  The ethos of the College is to bridge the gap between school and university and adult life by guiding young people carefully through the academic or vocational pathways that will lead them to a secure future. We believe that every student has their own individual pathway to their future and we spend a lot of time with them guiding, advising and helping with this.

We are in a world where we are educating young people for jobs that may not yet exist and certainly the focus is on them applying transferable skills wherever they go. The adoption of taking more individual responsibility for their own successes is encouraged by firm yet friendly advice from the staff and tutors.

The language of teaching is English, and the highly qualified international staff have extensive experience with this age group.  The focus is very much on the individual and what best serves their pathways to a successful future.  Small classes, a wide range of Edexcel A Level subjects, a full enrichment programme of both cultural and life skills, and a next step programme is offered.