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Catch up with Carolina, a student who graduated in 2019

Catch up with Hollie, a student who graduated in 2018


Fabio  – When I graduated from Palma College in 2019 I moved to Berlin to start studying film & motion design. Coming from a small island it was a big shift to move to a capital city. Moving to a place where I did not know anyone or anything 1 month before the start of uni I was feeling lost and lonely. Hahahaha but that’s an awesome experience! I mean when do you ever have that? You grow up and you have your school friends, then you would have your uni friends, then your work friends… there’s always some sort of social thing that makes it easy for you. If you don’t have that then your forced to do the cold approach (talking to strangers) and I would highly recommend this to everyone. Finding an affordable room to rent was a big struggle and I had to move 4 times in the first 2 months living in Berlin. It’s a pain but it was worth it because living away from your parents and the independence it brings makes you feel amazing.

Berlin broadened my horizon that film is just one subcategory of audiovisual art. I began visiting many art installations and was confronted with new vocabulary such as: immersive, generative, procedural, real-time, kinetic, new media art. It’s funny because before I didn’t even know that these things existed, You don’t know what you don’t know. The thing that I enjoyed most about Palma College, especially in the Art & Drama classes, is that we were pushed to explore the things that we don’t know. This can be scary at first but you got to get used to it, that’s what life is about if you ask me.


IvanMy name is Ivan and I spend twelve hours a week being coached to play professional tennis, together with around five hours a week on my personal fitness training.  In addition to this I am studying A Levels in Business Studies, Spanish and Psychology at Palma College.  I have a special timetable which allows me to fit my studies around my sports, this is great for me because I couldn’t keep up with studies if I had to attend a normal school.  Palma College has supported me in my aims for the future.

AmeliaMy name is Amelia and I am going to study photography in the UK after I have finished my A Levels at Palma College.  I have been supported in my plans for the future by not only completing my normal studies but also being given every opportunity to study photography outside of College.  I have taken Photographs at Mallorca Rocks, spent time with a professional photographer and had my work published in magazines.  Palma College has really helped me on my journey.

CatherineHello my name is Catherine and this year (2015) is the beginning of my long journey throughout life…. To look back on the past year I would have never have thought I would have achieved what I have in this short space of time. Going from a shy, unconfident girl with a big dream of becoming a singer/songwriter to actually being given the opportunity to pursue my dream career. A week ago I received an unconditional offer from The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, one of best music institutes in Europe, where I can happily say I will be starting this September. Thanks to Palma College I have regained my confidence and grown as a person, met my two best friends and have experienced and been given amazing opportunities. To anyone who has a dream, follow it and never let a no push you away.


PA StudenrsOur two students who won a sponsored place on the Performing Arts A Level course were in 2013 Olivia and in 2014 Alain.

Alain has studied the whole course in just one year while studying his final year of A Levels at another school. This is what he has to say about his experience:
“Palma College has not only offered me a sponsored place to be part of their school, they have offered me a part of their family because that is what I have learnt there. I have never felt so welcomed and helped at a school and it is an honor to say I studied at Palma College. They have helped me every time I’ve asked for help and will go through anything to ensure their students success! The Performing Arts course is fantastic! My teacher Currusca Collado is just a dream to have as a teacher and a guide through this year. She makes every class fun and unique and has taught me what hard work is and how good it feels to want to improve. Because of the tools Palma College is providing me this year I feel ready to take the next step and go to university in England to study a Joint Honors course in Business/Drama either in Loughborough University or Bath Spa University.”


Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Olivia is just coming to the end of her two years at Palma College. She won the first sponsored place for Performing Arts and decided to move from her Spanish school to the college full-time. This is what she has to

say about her experience:
“Hello my name is Olivia May Green I am eighteen years old and I am currently studying my final year at Palma College. In 2013, I was given a Scholarship for Performing Arts at Palma College and, thanks to this amazing opportunity, I now find myself able to further my career in Vocals and Musical Theatre as I have been accepted to study at BIMM Brighton in October 2015, something I believed would be impossible for me to do two years ago. Switching from the Spanish system to the English has been lifechanging, I never imagined that I could study the subject that I had always been passionate about. I am so glad that I applied for the Scholarship as it has changed my life for the better, made me a lot more confident and has made me grow as a person. All of the teachers at Palma College are really great as they always give you their time and help you whenever you have any doubts. Our Performing Arts teacher is truly inspirational as she makes us work hard and helps us to believe in ourselves. Palma College is a unique, fun and friendly environment to study in. I am really grateful to have been given this life-changing opportunity! “