It may be that some students are not heading for university at the time of leaving Palma College. They may want to take a GAP Year, or go straight into an apprenticeship or to work. At Palma College we will do everything to support both the student and the parent through this procedure. Work experience forms a vital part of the education journey and we ensure that all our students receive appropriate and relevant work experience, whether it be in Mallorca or elsewhere.

GAP Year information is available and many organisations work to ensure that young people can travel extensively whilst also contributing something to society. In some cases universities will defer offers if a student is taking a GAP Year and particularly if they are following a relevant experience.

Careers Advice

At the age of sixteen it is difficult for young people to know what they would like to do, unless they are focussed on one of the professions. Careers Guidance is integral to Palma College, and we offer time and attention to all the students to help them make choices about future careers. Psychometric Testing is available if required to help pinpoint strengths and suggest suitable careers. Parents are always welcome to make appointments with their children to talk about careers.
A Careers library is available.

Mrs A Lawrence, Head

Mrs J Witkamp, Business Manager