Autumn Newsletter

Written by Palma College. Posted in Newsletters

Autumn has been a season for visitors and getting to know each other better and forming new friendships.

Time flies when you are having fun and studying hard! All our students have been working hard, especially our Fast Track German and Spanish students who have the first component of the official exam. Their speaking exam will test their vocabulary, grammar and debating skills on topics such as travel and the environment, youth matters, lifestyle, health and fitness. Our Fast Track courses offer the students the opportunity to complete a two-year course in just one year.

Visitors have included Glynis German who gave an insightful Enrichment on who we are, how others see us, being true to ourselves and a lively discussion on what an ideal world means to each of us and how we are in control of making that vision a reality.

Some of our A2 students have already started receiving University offers and have had interview skills workshops form Sabrina from coaching just be Sassi to help them get over their interview nerves and confidently answer questions and talk about all their skills and talents.

A2 students also had a fun morning and afternoon with Ross from Luxury Taste Maker where they learnt to cook lots of dishes from just a few simple ingredients. Parents ask them to cook at home because what they made at the workshop was delicious!






Our Psychology teacher gave a presentation on the facts, the effects and what to do it you are faced with peer pressure on taking drugs. This was followed by a visit from Paticipación Ciudadana the Police who gave an informative talk on drugs and dispelled many myths around the drug laws in Spain.

Our AS Spanish group got to hear all about Gorka’s adventures whilst travelling in Africa. He talked to us about work in Ghana and what he gained from it. We learnt how every little action however small is useful and how we should always try to help.

CEO of Palma Pictures Mike Day talked to our AS students about his Career Path and the Film and Media industry. It provoked an interesting discussion on minorities within the industry, advertisements and if they still work. He also explained how he promotes Spain as a destination for filming given its wide and varied landscapes. For instance turning Sotogrande into looking like the Bahamas and Almería into Australia for the Netflix series The Crown.

We made the most of the beautiful October weather to do some Team building games in the park. A lighthearted way to get to know each other better through laughter. Along the same lines, we asked all our students to find their inner child and be playful in an Enrichment involving Improvisation.




A2 Drama delivered their first official Drama performance and were lucky enough to receive feedback from the talents of actress Lluqui Portas, Juana Maraia  Peralta and Lucia Sanches from the theatre company AsMarias. Also present was Josep Orfila who is starring in the Ib3 TV series Mai Neva Ciutat.