March & April 2019 Newsletter

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March was a month for solidarity. At Palma College we share a wonderful community spirit supporting each other, local and international charities that are important to us.

Drama Visitors

This month our A2 Drama students had their official performance exams. They have been rehearsing, preparing their set and costumes with the support of our Drama teacher Currusca. They were also lucky enough to have various professionals visiting them to offer advice, support and feedback.

Parents day

Palma College was delighted to see so many of our student’s families on our Parents Meetings day. We held a cake sale to raise money for research. A charity very close to our hearts. As always the Palma College community came together and gave generously. We raised 415.66€

Visiting Artist

On the 12th of March, the AS Art students had the opportunity to meet the artist Tia Zanoguera, who shared with them his past experiences of people who inspired him like Lucian Freud and how he ended up creating art which concentrates on the individual and the infinite possibilities that are connected to it.

His stories also were somewhat encouraging as he explained how he “develops complex ideas, full of contradictions, but well that’s art you never actually know what you are doing…”  which many art students can relate to during this critical period in their artistic careers!

Not only that, but he also shared with them valuable pieces of advice, such as the idea that art is an endless discovery of the world and oneself, as well as that  “The teacher is sometimes more important than the material”, which got a smiling reaction of agreement from the class and the Art teacher.


Some of students joined the march #fridaysforfuture. The marches, held in over 100 countries are the initiative of the young Swedish student Greta Thunberg to raise awareness on climate change. Over 500 students from across Mallorca took part chanting their message through the streets of Palma

Asociacion Es Refugi

Thank you for all your doantions!

Toni Llabres came in to tell us about the work he does with He shared alarming statics on how and why people become homeless and encouraged our students to get involved by volunteering. He told us how the shelter is open at any time for anyone who needs their help and support.

Revision workshop

In order to support our students in their fast approaching exams we held a revision planning work shop lead by Dr Aguiló. It is designed to teach them how to plan their revision time effectively. We have already seen lots of students using their free time in the Common room to study

Careers Panel

Thursday 28th, as the last Enrichment before the grueling exam period starts, the Palma College students were visited by different professionals, who spoke about their careers and the path that lead them to where they are now.

Everything from Interior yacht training to Ecological Clothing brands, Marketing experts to AI innovations and even a Fashion & Event Photographer were in attendance. Each presenting their mixed careers in different ways, for example, Su Dodd’s presentation of her Clothing Brand, turned into a fascinating debate about global warming, as she petitioned less for her clothing brand and more for what role we play in aiding to stop climate change.

However, the presentations by these professionals were not just helpful for the students when informing them about possible career choices, but also most experts had similar answers to the question ‘What have you learned most in your career?”, as each believed that it does not necessarily matter what you study at University, you can make mistakes, change careers but the most important thing they learned was it will work out as long as you go with your gut. Which for the A2 students especially, who are entering their final months of College before entering the world of Universities and careers, gave an air of comfort on their future.

Fashion designer Eli from Sunvibes Mallorca chatted to students interested in design about her passion for what she does. The reoccurring theme that students heard from many of our visitors about how all her products are ethical is something that interests our students.

Hazel and Linda gave information on the courses that students looking to get in to the yachting industry should take. They gave them a realistic vision of what working on privates yachts is really like and also answered questions on rates of pay, tips and types of trips and crossings and the difference between charter and private yachts.

Sorvait – International Fashion and Event photographer told our students of how he unexpectedly entered the photography business. How important it is to work in something that we feel passionate about. He also told us how important it is to keep learning, experimenting and developing to find your true passion and talent.

Chris from the Innovation Lab at TUI gave us something really different to think about . He along with his team focus on digital guest experience where they drive innovation to deliver a better holiday experience for over 20 million people a year. It opened an interesting debate on virtual reality and artificial intelligence technology, its pro and cons and where it will lead us in the the future.

Julija- Expert in marketing and strategic brand management with in-house experience of such global brands as SAMSUNG, L’OREAL, KERASTASE, MARS & WRIGLEY, WHISKAS, PEDIGREE, talked to a large group of students interested in hearing her vast experience. Her lecturer and international experience allowed her to deliver an informative, practical talk. She was able to answer a wide range of questions, helping students know what to do and where to go after finishing their University degree. We are very much looking forward to welcoming her back to give a two part presentation to our Business students next month.

Thank you to Su Dodd, Linda Revill , Chris Carmichael, Eliza, Hazel, Soravit and Julija.

Preparing for the Inevitable – how to live a fulfilling life! A beautiful Enrichment lead by Glynis German where we were so proud of a students for how maturely and respectfully they thought, questioned and reflected on life and death.

We shared our last Community lunch of this Academic year with good spirits, great food and looking forward to a well deserved break!