Newsletter May 2014

Written by Palma College. Posted in Newsletters

Hardly had we all returned from our welcome Easter break than the exams were upon us!  The students have remained calm and focused so far but they are examined in various papers over a period of nearly six weeks so it can be draining for all of them.  The classes are not suspended for ‘exam leave’ here at College.  After the students have completed their own series of exams they follow a work orientation programme and then a project week where they will be setting up an Amnesty International Group; looking at applying for Eco Schools status; finding out what it is like to be disable and finally making a promotional video for the College. As soon as the final ‘chunk’ of exams is finished we begin the A2 courses. Results day is 14th August for the students and we hope they get the results they have been working for.

Looking ahead we now have key staff responsible for university applications in various countries.  This will add a specialism where the staff responsible can keep their knowledge current and guide the students through the process.  The students applying for UK universities have already started work on their personal statements and those heading to Spain are checking the points required for entrance and ensuring they are taking enough exam subjects.

All the new staff have been appointed for the additional A levels we are bringing on line for September (Biology, Chemistry and German) and we will also be offering additional qualifications in subjects such as photography and finance.  The ongoing programme of expansion and development of facilities is underway and with a change of use for some of our teaching spaces we are looking ahead with excitement to the second year of teaching. PQA

We are delighted to announce a collaboration with The Pauline Quirke Academy. ( )

The Performing Arts students will be joining PQA classes on a Saturday morning from September until February, as part of their course in order to experience many more opportunities in all aspects of Performing Arts. This will also enable them to take part in productions of a larger scale, make and produce films and learn many new techniques such as movement, production, make-up, lighting and attending specialist Masterclasses.

With only five weeks until the end of term it feels as if this inaugural year has flown past.  A celebration dinner is being held both for students, parents and staff but also for all the wonderful supporters and providers of enrichment courses that we have had the benefit of over this year. Thank you to all who have given time and support to all of in this exceptional place!