Newsletter February 2014

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Students raise € 1005

Students raise € 1005

Exciting events have been taking place in Palma College this month, alongside the normal learning that goes on each day.  One of the advantages of being an entirely sixth form college is that we have the flexibility to take opportunities as they arise, hence our Maths and Physics students coming in early so they could visit the amazing natural phenomena of the sun lighting up the Rose window in Palma Cathedral.  The art students have been out and about in the galleries of Palma, most notably the Salvador Dali exhibition.  They have also been fortunate enough to have attended a Masterclass in sculpture with world renowned Joan Waelder at La Residencia Hotel in Deya. The Performing Art students are busy working on their own production – from start to finish – as part of their assessments and last, but not least, we had a whole College charity event organised by our A2 Business Studies students.  This raised a wonderful sum of 1005€ for the local charity Mediterranea. We welcomed journalist Jan Edwards to attend as a student for the day by shadowing ours.

The speakers that have visited us as part of our enrichment programme have held our attention in more ways than one.  The students were professionally filmed making a presentation, and we will be building these skills over the coming months in order to prepare them for interviews at work or for university.  We were lucky enough to have a fascinating talk about sustainable living from a hugely informed speaker Miguel Ramis from Artifexbalear.  Dr James Rieley spoke to parents about keeping the circle of dynamic learning rolling.

Our own exciting news is the expansion of the College buildings to incorporate a new Art studio, a dedicated Performing Arts space and some further classroom accommodation.  We are delighted to announce a working partnership with Lipofarma. This organisation is making its state of the art science laboratories available to us for our science students to conduct their experiments.  We are humbled by the community partnerships we are making, particularly in industry and the Arts.