IAL English Literature

“That is the part of the beauty of all literature.  You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you’re not lonely and  isolated from anyone.  You belong”.     Scott Fitzgerald

The study of literature is the study of the human experience.  Over the two year course the students at Palma College study a variety of texts and genres from prose, poetry and drama.  You will learn invaluable research and writing skills; how to produce a scholarly essay; how to examine writing for meaning and intention and more.

An International A Level in English Literature will springboard you into many degree courses such as Law, Politics, English, Drama, Media Studies and more.  The very fact that you have studied English in such an in-depth manner opens gateways to many, many routes.  Careers in journalism; law; film and theatre production; civil service; teaching; writing and many others are opened up to you through this A Level.

The course is available either as a single AS Level or the full two years, both years are assessed through written examinations.

Of course, it is always a good subject to study in collaboration with either more Arts subjects or the Sciences.  Your writing skills and knowledge about language will improve and are transferrable into any other subject offered at Palma College.

A keen interest in literature or film is a basic requirement to access English Literature A Level, and we would expect a minimum of grade C at GCSE or equivalent in order to take this subject.

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