Art & Design


“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.”                                                    Oscar Wilde

Ask any art student at Palma College what it is about the subject that they particularly enjoy and the overwhelming response would be that when they produce a piece of work they are proud of, it gives them an immense sense of satisfaction.

The environment of the art-room focuses on each individual, allowing freedom of expression where spontaneous, relevant and animated discussions take place, encouraging artistic ideas and concepts, therefore producing a diverse range of artwork by each individual student.  Finished artefacts include fine art; sculpture; photography; textiles and multi media projects.

Overall, this creative atmosphere nurtures individualism which in turn encourages confidence, not only in the art-room, but in life in general, reflecting the valuable ethos of Palma College.

Art can be taken as a stand-alone AS Level or a two year A2 Level and within the course is the availability to specialise in areas such as photography; textiles; design etc.

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