Term Dates

TERM DATES 2019/2020

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Term 1- Autumn/Winter 2019

(2nd & 3rd September- staff inset days)

Term starts: 4th September (14:00-16:00 All new students) & 5th September (09:00 All Sixth Form students)

Half term: 28th October – 1st November

No College: 6th December

Term ends: 20th December

Term 2- Spring 2020

Term starts: 7th January

No College: 20th January

Half term: 24th February – 2nd March

Term ends: 3rd April

Term 3- Summer 2020

Term starts: 20th April

No College: 1st May

Half term: 25th May – 29th May

Term ends. 23rd June (last full day for L6)

Other Key Dates:
  • 19th December Parents Meeting
  • 12th – 21st February Pre-Assessment examinations
  • 18th March Parents Meeting
  • 4th May – 23rd June Official Examinations

NB: it is expected that ALL students are present on:

  • First day of term
  • Last day of term
  • All Pre-Assessment examinations
  • All Official Examinations (no exam leave)

After May exams, AS students will begin A2 courses on 1st June and must attend college till the end of the summer term.

A2 students finish after their last exam.