Winter Newsletter

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This term students and staff were all working towards Pre-Assessments, which are our internal exams to assess where students are at in relation to the official A level exams they will be sitting in May and June.

During Enrichment  Dr. Aguiló showed them how to organise their revision time using a visual planner.

Students  are  putting  what  they  learnt  into  practice  during  free  study  periods  in the Common room and classroom. Each one finding which method of revision works best for them.

To help students manage their stress levels we had an open group talk with a guest speaker and counsellor who lead a discussion on the pressures students are faced with at school because of parents, friends and social media. The outcome of the discussion made our students aware that they are all experiencing  similar problems and that they are not alone.  They also received a relaxing session of  yoga with Earth Yoga and a workshop on Thai massage, generously delivered by a former student’s mother.

Our Upper Sixth students, who are receiving exciting University offers, had a practical class with lots of fun as they learnt about laundry symbols and what they mean, followed by a clothes folding challenge, sewing and ironing. They took on the challenges with enthusiasm and all with a varying degree of success.


Lower Sixth also had the opportunity to learn some valuable life skills when they attended a cooking workshop at Lonja 18 Open Kitchen. They learnt to make some simple dishes which they all shared together.

Thank you to Line from Cleanwave who talked about how and why Cleanwave movement was set up. She shared their documentary Out of Plastic and gave us tips on how to reduce single use plastic and explained that even small actions help as long as they are consistent.

Ilsba gave  our A2 students a workshop on sign language and  the  challenges deaf people face. They learnt  that every language has its own sign language,  where its taught  and the differences between between being  deaf and  mute. Our students found it in their own words a very humbling experience.

All our students had an interactive workshop with our onsite SEN expert to raise dyslexia awareness. They had the chance to feel what its like to have dyslexia and other specific learning challenges. They were taught what dyslexia is and its possible causes. The students were shown many ways to help a dyslexic brain with learning and many other neuro diverse ways of  learning that could be helpful to them.


Congratulations to Luke our IGCSE student who not only completed his IGCSE course in just one year but also received the highest mark in Spain for his official exam. Here he is with his Award for Excellence from the exam board.









Its an exciting time for Upper Sixth students as they receive University offers for a range of degrees at different International Universities. Click here for a list of the offers.

We celebrated reaching half term and the end of Pre Assessments with another one of our Community lunches. Always a huge success.