We are thinking about you!

Written by Palma College. Posted in Corona Updates

Dear Students,

There are times in our lives where we have to be strong and make our own destiny, and not become a victim of our circumstances. This is one of those times and I am so proud to see so many of you students are taking this responsibility into your own hands.

For those of you that are struggling, we are here for you, ask for help, let us guide you and help you plan.

Please try not to worry about things that our out of our control. We are still waiting for confirmation about our exams, but it looks like if the schools in Spain go back before the end of April the exams will run as normal. Only if we are still in lock down will there be some sort of predicted grades (based on all your learning till May).

We only have control over today, so let us all make it a good one. Our community is strong and we can support each other with chats on hangout, study groups and Netflix groups!

Keep safe and stay in touch,

Thinking of you all and your families